Setting the Baseline

If the goal is uncovering your authentic self you need to discover first what you believe about your self. This is your starting place.  Most of us live in a world where we please others before we think of ourselves. We learned to please others because when we did we received rewards of some kind, whether that was an ‘atta girl’ or lack of punishment. Thus we learned to put ourselves second, third or even last.

Then we grew up and moved into our own life. However the pattern was set and we then pleased spouses, children, bosses, co-workers, clients, and even sales persons. When we really examine our recent past can we see this pattern of pleasing others? This is one reason we do not live from our authentic self.

Another reason is we believe we are less than. We were born into a less than ideal family. They didn’t understand us. They were mentally, financially, spiritually, physically or emotionally lacking and didn’t, wouldn’t or couldn’t support us in our desires of fulfilling our unique divine missions. Of course we didn’t have a clue about what that was either; but our family of origin has been a good trump card to pull out to justify our position.

Get over it. You planned this life. You planned who your family was going to include, what era, what geographical location and where in that family you were to be placed. You planned many of the major events and circumstances, yes even the bad and the ugly. You did this so the part of your soul that incarnated could mature and return to itself with glory, beauty and wholeness.

In essence you had a lesson to learn, you and your panel of friends and advisors on the other side, in what I like to call the pre-existence, planned it all. Of course there was latitude built in. This latitude is free will. So if you learned how to stand up for yourself when you were in your teens, you might not marry the spirit being who was going to be an abusive spouse. But then again maybe you would, just to help them overcome their lack of self esteem because you love that spirit being so much.

Take some time right now to review your life. What major (and minor) trials and tribulations have you experienced? Who or what was involved? What was your relationship to them (it), before and after the incident? Looking back on that event (those events) what could have been your lesson? Have you experienced the same lesson in lesser or greater force? How many times and situations has that lesson presented itself to you? Honestly evaluate your learning progression.

You will probably see a pattern. Looking from the perspective of your more mature self, when did that lesson first appear? When did it last appear? Has there been a progression of intensity of the effects of the lesson? Is the lesson getting more intense, dramatic and or traumatic? If it’s getting less it is a good indication you are learning and achieving your life’s lesson(s). If not, what can you do about it?

Taking inventory, setting the base line, bringing into your awareness one or more of your life’s lessons is a good beginning and a great next step.

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