Hands on Healing

All ‘hands on healing’ services are classified as Inner Dimensional healings. An Inner Dimensional healing is a customized healing use any of the 200+ specific healing techniques SaSu has in her toolbox. The customization is achieved as SaSu connects to her Higher Self, your Higher Self & then with the Higher Beings; and is for the most optimum and benevolent outcome.

Physical Healing Protocols

These physical healing protocols help clear the body and mind into a clear, distortion free energy field. This helps alleviate dis-ease.  The basic Chakra,  Meridian, Aura Clearings and Balancing that start every session. In your first couple sessions we work on physical, mental and emotional symptoms. When guidance is received that we may move into the Ascension protocols we do.  Most people who have done their “inner work” receive permission after a few sessions of the physical healing protocols.

Ascension Protocols 

The Ascension protocols are done in a session after basic chakra balancing and Aura clearing protocols. The Ascension protocols are listed separately are listed to help you understand what each of them does. They are detailed in the order the Spiritual Hierarchy gave them to SaSu. Each of your session will have different combination of aspects of any of the protocols. In other words each session is uniquely tailored to your needs in the present now moment. Each session will be different as you step on to the Ascension Bridge

Quantum Akashic Alignment™

  • Activates the interface between Spirit/Higher Realms and Material/Physical Plan
  • Activates Etheric DNA codes
  • Deletes corrupted (dis-empowering beliefs) files
  • Deletes corrupted file (individual karmic burdens)
  • Defrags human mainframe files  (soul retrieval/)
    • Unites past, present and future splits of the soul
    • Connects the physical manifestation of soul to the spirit of soul
    • Connects the the spirit of soul to the physical manifestation of soul
  • Creates encoding to allow Download of the Wisdom of Your Soul
  • Reconfigures miscoded programing causing physical, mental, emotional health issues

Passport to the 5th Dimension™

  • Pineal Gland Activation and Enlightenment
    • De-calcifies the pineal gland
    • Aligns pineal to vertical formation in line with the Spirit/Higher Realms and Material/Physical Plan
    • Encodes pineal with bio-photons (enlightenment)

Dance of Light™

  • Removes (etheric) electromagnetic interference blocking 5th D light energy
  • Creates a frame work to hold the 5th D light.
  • Weaves 5th D Light into the framework

Karmic Un-tanglement™ 

  • Restores the time space continuum to wholeness (removes historic karmic burdens)
    • ie historic events: wars, plagues, destruction etc. –
    • not a personal perspective though it may have personal meaning.


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