By definition Transformative Science is: “ideas that have potential to radically change our understanding of an important scientific concept, or lead to the creation of a new paradigm, or a new field of science.” uses practical applications of metaphysical ideas for the creation of a new paradigm to radically change and bring into reality a harmonious new world. What does it take to create this harmonious New World? It only takes only One person to BE the change that creates this world.

Our classes, seminars, group and private coaching and one on one healing sessions are conducted to facilitate your awareness of the reality of this a harmonious new world and for you to be the ONE person. We help you with the integration of the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic components of your human system and the wisdom you hold within yourself to live from that peaceful essence.

Radiant Joy™ is a program designed to help develop your intuition and psychic development through classes and learn the fundamental of energy healing through Basic Energy healing seminars and Angelic Reiki intensive weekends.

Inner Dimensional Experience™ is an individualistic healing and coaching program customized instantaneously by the Spiritual Hierarchy who guide SaSu to use intra/inter dimensional modalities for the most optimum and benevolent outcome. We use any or all of the 300+ tools and techniques that SaSu is proficient in, which include but not limited to the following modalities:

• Energy Chelation: Chakra balancing and Aura clearing
• Reiki: Usui, Angelic™, and/or Karuna
• CoreStar Energy Healing™
• Theta Healing reprogramming limiting beliefs and emotions,
• Reconnection, Reflexology,
• Hypnosis
• Light Language
• Quantum Akashic Alignment™

The Quantum Akashic Alignment™ one on one energy healing program to help you integrate the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic components of your human system into one unified presence to express the authentic powerful Light Being you truly are.

• DNA Activation
• Soul Retrieval
• Downloading of the wisdom of your soul
• Karmic Un-tanglement™
• Pineal, Thymus, Pituitary Glands Activation and Enlightenment
• Dance of Light™ (integration of fractal energy patterns )

The Ascension Apprentice™ advanced program those who are ready to accelerate their spiritual evolution along the path of liberation from 3D constraints to live the Victorious Life.

A hands on healing session

Thank you for extending your trust and your wellness to me. LOCATION: You appointment for an Inner Dimensional Healing  is at 2720 Bee Caves Rd,  78746. This office building is on the north side of the street about 3/4 miles west of Mo-Pac, basically across the street from the Collective Homes furniture and decor store. When you Continue Reading…

Hands on Healing

All ‘hands on healing’ services are classified as Inner Dimensional healings. An Inner Dimensional healing is a customized healing use any of the 200+ specific healing techniques SaSu has in her toolbox. The customization is achieved as SaSu connects to her Higher Self, your Higher Self & then with the Higher Beings; and is for the Continue Reading…