Refocus our perceptions into 5D intentions — Wisdom from my Council of 12.

Ascension is the refocus of our perception along 5th dimensional intent along with the ability to hold 5thD bio-photons.

As we showed you yesterday, the process of ascension is two fold. Intent or the intention to live in the 5th Dimension is paramount. Neither ascension nor can anything, even in the 3D world, be completed without intention.

Intention is paramount this is what Yoda meant when he said ‘No Try, Do.’  Try is not intent; it’s ‘a wanting to’ without a belief of a successful outcome.

Intent is not only the belief that a thing is possible but also a commitment that one will achieve. The time acquired is truly instantaneous. This is where focus comes into play until one changes their focus they will always get what they always got before; because they CAN NOT see any thing else. One must change the focus.

Think of a camera lens that is set at a near range trying to look at the distant view. Try as one might they cannot pick up the details and the whole picture is about the foreground. This is why we say focus on the background. We literally mean the back ground of your lives. Again this is why you, SaSu, say there is no free will. You are beginning to see the background and realize that you, and others, have been ‘preordained’ to play a part in this Ascension program.   The background is where you have the freewill. But you, and other humans are so caught up in the foreground that you cannot see what is taking place in the bigger picture.

This is why Jim (my energetic healing mentor/teacher) always was talking about the ‘bigger, wiser self’. He was trying to explain that your bigger wiser self WAS seeing the background or the bigger picture. From that perspective YOU do have free will and make decisions according to a greater knowledge. We call, for now, that background the 5th D. Of course when you are fully in the 5th D it will be in the foreground and you will have to stretch to see the background or the 7thD. Don’t worry it becomes easier with every level you achieve. And by attaining a certain dimension, in the not to distant future, the background and foreground all become one.  (hint hint, wink, wink, they literally said hint hint! I’ll have to ask what that means.)

Back to free will.

Even in the 3rd D you do have free will. The consequences of not playing along with the pre-programed agenda of the bigger wiser Self cause almost instantaneous troubles. We have set this up as a warning system to REMIND you to change your focus. Look not at the future but literally WHAT IS IN FRONT OF YOU RIGHT NOW. But look beyond that which appears to be immediately in front of you and look at the distant scene. What is going on behind the scene (in the background) ?

Again we would that you look at a photograph. You see there is the ‘subject’ is usually front and center, in focus and takes up the majority of the picture. What if you could look beyond this and see the mid view and the background. What more about the scene would that tell you? Your Internet has some interesting photos called fails; where there is a disharmonious action captured in the background. These appear to make funny pictures. We would say they are a hint (yes some of them are faked) at what you do not see happening in your own lives even on the 3D side of it. PAY ATTENTION. NOTHING! Nothing happens by accident. Everything is part of the plan to get you, and all humans, and life forms on Gaia to transcend the 3D world and move into the 5thD.

Notice we say transcend. The first step of Ascension is to transcend the 3D world. We INTEND for each and every human and life form to surpass 3D limits, and go beyond the perceptions that create the world you see. We intend for every living being to be free of all 3D world constraints.

To do so you first must believe it is possible to perceive that which is not 3D; hence our dictate to see the background. When you begin to see the background you change the way you think. You begin to think all things are possible. You there by start to intend to surpass the limitations of the 3D world. The more you apply the ‘change of focus’ you release the constraint the 3D world and what its’ societies place in your way.

When you are free of these constraints you see ‘unlimited’ possibilities and the second qualification of Ascension starts to form within you. That is the holding of 5D bio-photons.

We have talked about this in the past. This is where the ‘Dance of Light’ comes in handy. No, every one does not need to experience the ‘Dance of Light’. Its benefit is that it, along with the other protocols we have shown you, shortens the time from Awakening to Ascension.

People can Awaken, activate and hold their own bio-photons in large enough mass to transcends and move into the 5thD on their own. But just like your saying; ‘with a little help from my friends, I get by’, its just a lot easier when there are others there that can show you short cuts.  Remember this and do not allow you ego to sabotage you by either inflation or deflation. It will try both. Ego is a 3D limitation. It still exists in 5D but has much less hold.

The Ascension protocol has numerous steps or requirement. The first being change of focus and belief there is another way.  Most self-help and coaching programs assist one to move in this direction.  This is the first step. One must want to change their life for the better. Most people do not know what they want. They do not realize that they ultimately want to Ascend. You and other Ascension coaches and facilitators cannot help in this capacity. There are 100’s of others that can do this better than you.  Do not waste your time trying to get people to change. When they are ready for your services they will appear.  Yes the adage is correct  “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” We agree the reverse is true also “when the teacher is ready the students will appear”.

You and your apprentices are to move the planet forward by helping those who are ready. Do not waste time finding those who have not ready and try to move them forward. In your preparation to be a teacher, you have brought some who were not ready to change into the ‘starting gate’. They have changed and maybe they are at the point where they are ready for your assistance. We say do not worry about them. They will or they won’t. If they are they will stay with you if not they won’t.

They were of great benefit for you (SaSu) as you fully came into you Self and your purpose. They are well compensated for assisting you, and you for assisting them.

The time has come for you (and your students) to move into the arena which was prepared for you in the beyond, which you call the in-between-times.  Do not hold back for we guarantee your success. Do not think of success in 3D world terms. That success is totally illusionary and at it pinnacles it is mere gloss. We cannot tell you what your success means because you are not at the level to understand what true success is. But what if we said that you could achieve immortality. We laugh at this because you are already immortal. This you know. But there is another immortality that again transcends the immortality of the soul. Beyond this success there is nothing else. Oh we play on words because here words lose the meanings by which you think.

Back to holding bio-photons:

The protocols we have given you that are held as Ascension Protocols have very definite qualifications and means by which every person who comes to you will benefit. We are glad you now say Inner Dimensional™ heals as oppose to 5th dimensional healing because sometimes, and you are beginning got see this with Moirda’s (my new crystal/rock) help, are going into what we will refer to as the negative dimensions.

Moirda intent is to hold and purify the negative energy. We would that you understand negative energy. In your social and religious culture you have come to put a unwholesome spin on the word negative. Think of it as a old photograph negative where the white is shown dark and the dark shown light. If the negative was damaged and scratches appeared on it, the finished photograph was no longer pristine. What we are doing is we are removing the scratches from the negative so in the reverse printing the photo is as it was intended. Here we say negative is a template for the 3D world you see.

Or another way is to think of the mathematical scale  -6,-5,-4.-3, -2, -1, 0,  1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and so on. The mathematical form has more correct correlation to what you are doing than working with negative energies; (beliefs, emotions, psychology, pathology, shadow or spiritual work).  As we have said before NOTHING is a random chance. 3D is a duality realm and to transcend it requires the absolute negation of all. Let us repeat that:

To transcend the 3D world it is required to negate all.

To return to absolute Zero, |0|.

To come to complete neutrality of all. The Zen saying of coming into the nothingness is as close to a perfect statement of transcension as anyone has derived.

What do you think the 5D infinity sign is? |0|, 0, 000, or o-o, layed on its side? When you are at |0| you have merged with all potentiality and can create worlds without end. We would that before you get to |0| you would know what to create.  This is the true reason for ascension: To learn to create blessings and beauty, everlasting.

Currently you, humans, are unable to create a state of beauty and blessings for more than a ½ nano second.  Part of this we have discussed before; ego and the lack of belief, the lack of intent. In general you, (humans) are in a state of chaos and you create from chaos throughout time.

Now we will explain really what the Dance of Light is for. Yes it is the laying down of a grid 3rd light to produce a grid whereby 5th D light (bio-photons) can be held and integrated into the 3D body.

Beyond that it is a laying down of a grid that transcends time and space. It brings the body/mind/spirit/soul into the |0| and allows all possibilities to exist simultaneously. The act of bringing in this grids transports you and your client into the |0|. For multiple nano seconds you are there. The more you and your apprentices can bring the|0| into the 3D world the larger the potential for others to hold this becomes. (100th monkey syndrome).

So you see you are not working on one human. The Dance of Light is actually working at the level of the Universal mind. This is why more and more people will be attracted to it, you, and your students.

All is well.

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