Practical Application of the QAA

QAA Case Study

When Miaka first came to me in early 2011, she was frustrated and very sick. We had a few regular sessions together. About 75% of her physical symptoms had disappeared. Her 15 or 20 years of dealing with this issue had taken its toll on her mental and emotional health. These too were improving. Throughout the time period of seeing her in the spring and summer she had often mentioned that she needed to move. The thought of moving would almost paralyze her, because she needed a quiet and toxic free environment to maintain her health. It seemed that she could never get past the idea that she needed to move. She could never bring action to that idea.

Miaka has been diligent in her search for health. She has gone way beyond the conventional medicines solutions as they gave her a few benefits. She has searched for and implement numerous alternative and holistic remedies.

Most alignments follow a pattern. First the Energy Chelation, followed by balancing the human energy system, then the Quantum Akashic Alignment™ protocol finishing up with a regular healing session and closing with the 6th level uplift and 7th level close. This is how Miaka’se Quantum Akashic Alignment™ session unfolded.

The first 20 or so minutes of the session is an Energy Chelation, the removal of everyday gunk from the human energy system. Basically cleaning the aura, chakras, and meridians. Next stagnant energies that had built up in her spine were removed. This is a common issue. We often formalize our thought patterns and “cement” them into our spines so our wills will carry them out. Her cemented thought form patterns were not conducive to her current desires for health. The spine cleaning removed those solidified thought forms.

She had been working hard to remove toxins from her body to assist it to heal. Her kidneys were clogged, energetically so they were energetically flushed. Then she was connected to the grounding plate enhancing the strength of her being grounded. The alignment followed along with the   expansion of the access point of the Akashic records for easier flow.

As part of the QAA™  she and I energetically enter the Inner Sanctum. It is at this point I invite her human mainframe, her energetic self, and her soul to integrate and become fully present with all the multiple facets of herself. It is at this point of in the protocol where lost parts of the soul are also integrated. Part of the integration was a request for better health. Because much trauma had occurred in her youth and was directly connected to her teeth and jaw issues this integration took a little bit longer then most integrations do.

When the integration was complete we moved on to the healing of her jaw and teeth. My guides performed what is call fifth level surgery, most people think of it as psychic surgery. During this time we removed two foreign objects, one in her sinus cavity and one near her mandible. The body is an amazing thing. It had “calcified” these foreign objects as a means to protect her. The calcification what was now causing the problems placing pressure on the nearby nerves.

The session was closed by surrounding Miaka in the lovely golden egg protecting her from all psychic elements. Within two weeks Marta started plans and preparations to go to India for a two month visit. Her whole countenance had changed. She was bright and bubbly, and her skin was radiant.

Miaka is an ideal client. She lives by the principal that she is responsible for her own health. She has been actively engaged in finding solutions to her health problems. The Quantum Akashic Alignments™ are not the only thing she has done for her health. However they have played a huge part in her wellness journey. She has commented that she has felt and seen improvements with every session and with the Quantum Akashic Alignment™ the improvement were almost astronomically fast.



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