Light Wellness Energy Healing

This discussion is to facilitate the understanding that the subtle energy body is another system of the body and it too can fail or not work as well as it is suppose to. We will leave the description of the subtle energy body to others, specifically Cyndi Dale, Barbara Brennan, and Carolyn Myss.

We come into this incarnation with our energy fields activated. Our fields are influenced by our environment. Environment, as it is used here, is the physical, mental and emotional plane that we find ourselfs in. From the very first day of our life we are trying to understand and to fit into that environment. AND from the very first minute we find our vibration is attracted to and repelled by other vibrations. Some times the energy that is coming into our field is so unpleasant that we recoil and want nothing to do with that frequency. The result is call a distortion or a block within the subtle body or subtle energy field. The distortion can be as simple and benign as a being startled by a loud noise or as terrible as being an abused and abandon as a baby.

Everything we see, do, feel, or experience touches our energy field in some way. Many time we choose to have more of the same experiences and vibration such as loving touch and kind words. We often choose to protect ourselves from other incidents such as physical or emotional pain. This seems to be a rational and a healthy thing to do. However this  protection mode is often more harmful in the long run because is block us from our true, authentic self. Light-workers are able to assist those who want to remove their blocks and distortions by reconnecting or to more fully connect one with their true, authentic self.

Light Wellness is when ones’ subtle energy body, the aura and chakras, are clear, bright and are exchanging universal life force energy, chi, in a balance flow. Light Wellness Energy Healing is a cooperative endeavor between the healee, the person asking for the healing, and the healer, the lightworker. Just by asking for a healing one has taken a large step toward healing. This step allows one to awaken the healer within. Thus together the healer and the healee recharge and revitalize the aura and chakras.

Many times the healee wants xyz to happen on a physical plane. Yet on a higher plane Spirit wants abc to transpire because that leads to a deeper healing and a greater connection with Spirit. Hopefully both the healer and the healee let go of what the healing results should look like. Most of the time both are pleasantly surprised at the profound healings that do transpire, even when they look nothing like what was initially requested.

When one come to the Light Wellness Energy Table one is in effect offering up one’s imperfections to Spirit and Spirit responds with bountiful blessings. As one is touched by Spirit in such a profound way one starts to understands how much each and every living being is held in reverence by Spirit. One begins to understand that no matter how painful one’s blocks and distortions are they are easily and painlessly removed when Spirit guides the removal process.

A Light Wellness Energy Healer incorporates numerous techniques and skills to bring about the desired results. The healer often starts by taking a reading of the healee’s chakra’s. This assist the healer to know what frequencies will best support the healee. These frequencies are then layered around the healee as a blanket of energy. Then the healer placing their hands on the healee’s feet and does an energetic scan of the body to assess the overall subtle body energy patterns. After an assessment the healer does an energy chelation. (internal link). At this point many people feel so relaxed they seem to drift off into a sleep or alter state of consciousness.

After the chelation is completed the transformation work commences. The inner healer is hard at working finding which blocks are ready to be remove or which distortions are ready to be repaired. The inner healer is assessing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components, connections and interconnections to the blocks and distortion. Only components that affirm they are willing to come into alignment with the healee’s true, authentic self are “repaired”. The healer is also busy holding various frequencies within different portions of the field. These different frequencies allow those blocks and distortions to come into alignment or be repaired. The Living Wellness energy healer completes the session by sealing the transformation work with a layer of rose and scintillating light within the “golden egg”.

While the work is being done it appears on the physical plane to be rather boring; just laying on of hands, hands held in one position, a few waves of a hand now and then, very undramatic. Yet the energetic and emotional aspects are quite profound. As the healee begins to resonate from their their true, authentic self, physical problems disappear, issues that once seemed insurmountable now hardly show up on the radar screen, relationships that were fraught with disharmony begin to have heart felt love or the relationship might simple dissipate like the morning fog.

As Spirit says when one offers up one’s imperfections Spirit responds with bountiful blessings of Peace, Acceptance, and the Courage to Seize the Day.



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