Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction does work but the person manifesting has to have a clear and compelling vision. NO wavering and some action IS required.

What is YOUR VISION for YOU?

For example — You now have attracted the woman of your dreams because you had a clear intention to do so by a certain date. You took action by working on yourself to be attractive to the woman you wanted. She showed up because she was in the frequency you developed.

To keep this a blessed relationship also requires work and vision. You (and she) have to keep your (& her) frequency at the same or greater level as when you attracted her into your life. If you both are working on it, keeping the frequency at or above the attraction factor you will increase the bliss, harmony and peace. This is one way to tell if you are staying clear of negative influences. If you fall below the attraction frequency there will be dis-harmony and discord. One or both of you will then decide that it’s not a relationship that you want to be in and leave.

Ditto with your finances, your career, health and fitness or anything else in your life.

What is YOUR VISION for YOU?

Here are some questions to ponder and answer to help you set a clear and compelling vision.   

  • What do I truly want? — Answer this from your heart of hearts. This is what will make you happy and full of joy.  THIS is the key to success in any and all fields: personal, health and fitness, career, financial, relational, spiritual. This is NOT what anyone else thinks you should do, have, be or want. (That includes what your spouse, best friends, family members, counselors or coaches think or profess either for them or for you. If they do not agree with this and think they know best for you — RUN from them. At best they can give you guidance, and examples from their education and experiences.)   
  • What knowledge, skills and abilities do I HAVE that will help me achieve my vision?
  • What knowledge, skills and abilities do I NEED to help me achieve my vision?
  • How/where can I gain the knowledge, skills and abilities do achieve my vision?

These questions and their answers assist the Universe/Source to give you what you truly want.  Until you answer them from your heart you will manifest the predominate thoughts and attitudes circulating in your mind.

The following questions are to help you take correct action to move you forward to living from your authentic self and living your ideal life.

  • What is my next step to move me toward the next level of my vision?
  • What can I do today that will move me into my next step?
  • Who can I help that by doing so will assist me in taking my next step? (This Blog is in response to that question for my self, — since I proclaim tobe a spiritual life coach and to help people find and live from their true authentic self)

The following are general questions I ask my self on a regular basis, to help keep me where I am and moving forward towards enlightenment and ascension.

  • Today, if I were an employee of myself, would I have gotten fired or promoted?
  • What can I do better tomorrow?
  • What can I refrain from doing tomorrow that hindered me today?
  • Am I at peace with myself?
  • Am I at peace with my loved ones?
  • Was I true to myself today?
  • Did I express my divine self today to all people in all places?



  1. Thank you Lord, for bringing the sun out for me and for your bountiful blessings. Please keep the rain away tonight. Thank you. Amen.

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