Karma! Its Time To Let It Go.

Karma results from all our thoughts, words, and deeds. It is the energy that attaches us to the earth plane for eons. By removing our attachment to relationships, situations and events, we loosen the bindings that keep us recycling through multiple incarnations, with the same issues and the same energies.

By working with the Lords of Karma you can remove those bindings. As you let go of the Karma from this lifetime, you lift the burden of Karma from you, your freedom expands as you become less attached to the illusions of the world. Not only do you do this for yourself, you are doing the same service for each person/event that you were bound to. As a bonus YOU are helping enlighten the world.

I suggest, before you even start this process, you WRITE DOWN everyone you can think of who has impacted your life or you have impacted theirs. Start with your family; including all deceased members that you can recall. As I remember people throughout the day or whenever I write them down and transfer them to this list later. If you don’t write them down you will forget them; their name was brought up in your memory for a reason. Write them down!

Here’s a list to help jog your memory. The List is set up to remove the greatest amount of damages in the shortest amount of effort. Not all people or situations pertain to everyone. Take your time as you go through the list. You can start releasing the damage before you get very far down the list. Keep going through the list adding people, situations and issues to the list as you are working the process. Keep the list near your bed and cross of the names as you release the damages resulting from the relationships. Jot down items to add to the list as you think about them. They disappear from the mind quickly. Each night I do a group of people that are related to the section listed below: (I ‘do’ about 5-15 people/ situations a night).

Family Members

Parents ~mother, father,
stepparents (all of them).
Foster parents, guardians.
sisters, brothers,
step-siblings and half siblings, foster siblings.

Grandparents on both sides, Step and Foster grandparents too.

Aunts and Uncles on both sides,
any close friends of the family who you may have called aunt or uncle, or even an adult you called grandma or grandpa.

Your cousins, even if you weren’t close to them.

Now go back to your siblings and add their spouses and their children. Their in-laws if you had dealings with them

Make sure to add any and all relationships of theirs immediate family, their exes, their stepchildren. Yep all of them!


Now take a deep breath and breathe!
We’re going to go to something a little more closer to home.

Your spouse and/or significant other.
Your ex spouse(s) and/or significant other(s).

Their parents,(your in-laws)
your brothers and sisters in law, and their spouses/significant others.

Are ya still Breathing? Good cause now ya really get to practice breathing. All of your biological children, all your adopted children.

All of your step children, foster children, the kid from down the street who practically lives in your house.
All of your exes’ biological children, adopted children, stepchildren and foster children.

All of your nieces and nephews.

Any person you were involved with or in a long term relationship. (all of them.)

Significant/meaningful boyfriends/girlfriends, even if these were not long-term relationships. (your first love, the person to whom you were first sexually active with) and while we’re at it: your one night stands, especially friends with benefits!

When you have released all the damages from the above relationships do the sway test and see if you have released at least 10% (its maybe even 40%) of all your earthly karma.

Lets continue with the list. Break your life into four sections; childhood/grade school, teenage/high school, college and career/present. (For your Present use any of the above that are relevant, even if they don’t seem to relevant.)

Childhood/Grade School:

ALL your teachers/professors – – all grades all subjects.

Your best friends.
Your best/worst enemies.
Those who you ignored.
Those who ignored you.
People who bullied you.
People you bullied.
Collectively the group you hung around with.
Collectively the groups that you made fun of. Specific individuals … Your pets, dogs, cats, fish, birds, horses, snakes, gerbils ETC. Your neighborhood playmates and their siblings
The subject matter that gave you the most anxiety.
The subject matter that gave you the least anxiety.

The neighborhood adults.

Anyone you interacted with on a regular basis; Friends parents,
a counselor,
principle ,

school staff /custodian,librarian, store clerk,
cross walk person,

lawyers, ETC.

Repeat the above list for your high school/teenage years:

and then again for your college years

(For your Present/career use any of the above that are relevant)

Starting with your current job/position then go back to your first job/position then work up to your current job/position. For each labeled position use the persons full name to the best of your knowledge. When you are doing the release for the people and your XYZ business the Lords of Karma will have an easier time finding which person you need if you work through one company before you move to the next company/job/situation.

ALL your coworkers, support staff, clients, bosses, upper management, CEOs, CFO, the business owners — the big boys you never saw., All the little people you don’t ever see the janitors, custodians, the maintenance man, computer repair person, etc. etc.

The next one you gonna need to breathe on a little bit. Really go into this one and think of each incident situation as if it were a relationship to you.

Any medical conditions:(start with childhood diseases, then move to any current, chronic or acute conditions especially the chronic conditions.)
Measles,extreme high temperatures, mumps, chickenpox, broken bones, sprained ankles or wrist, earaches, sore throats, migraines, other headaches, accidents or traumas that left bodily injury (ex. bike or car accidents), accidents or trauma/drama that left emotional injury (from or by you such as: sexual assault/trauma/abortion…, abandonment, bullying, shaming, etc.)

Any financial conditions: first start with the least traumatic then moving to the most dramatic/traumatic:
bouncing checks, getting to the grocery cashier and realizing you don’t have your checkbook or credit card with you, overdrafts, being mugged, living from paycheck to paycheck, and being homeless or nearly homeless, sofa surfing …

buying a house(s), buying a car(s), losing money in the stock market, winning a jackpot,/lottery, winning a major prize, losing a home/house,

Now add any type of situation or relationship that you feel has not been covered.

Well if you made this list and released all of the damage from it, Test it to see if at least 85% of your earthly karma has been done away with. Yay yay yay! Hopefully you don’t have to come to earth, again.

This exercise is not only helping you but each person on your list has received grace from you. The world has become a little brighter and lighter because of your work here.

The Lords of Karma and I thank you for your great work.
The Lords of Karma are very serious beings. They do have a sense a humor

but it is not employed in this process.

Next page is the process. Intention is the key.

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