Function of the Intentional Line

The Intentional Line has Two Functions:

  1. To be the central vertical power cord where the chakras connect to,
  2. To house the Intentional Realm.

A fully functional Intentional Line processes the Heaven and Earth energy and data by interacting with each other in a balanced way, both through the chakras and the Intentional Line itself. The ideal Intentional Line allows the energy and data to flow from heaven to earth, and Earth to Heaven. When the Intentional Line is clearer and the energy and data flows freely the individual’s life flows smoothly.

The Intentional Line is this lifetime soul’s databanks. It holds the following:

  • all the karma from all the astral lives
  • all the contracts we entered into in the pre-existence
  • all the hopes and dreams we desire for this life
  • all the interactions/relationships entered into in this life time
  • all the programs learned in this lifetime

How does the Intentional Line get split?

When an individual incarnates there are two opposing forces at work: the desire to return to Source and the desire to live separate from Source. Consciously or unconsciously the incarnated human applies free will* to each and every thought word and deed.

Free will allows the human to separate the Intentional Line. The Intentional Line can be joined back together by making a conscious choice to align the Intentional Line.

Connection to Source is what gives it humans their vitality. Distortion along the Intentional Line blocks the connection decreasing the vitality.

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