Fire Up Your Spiritual Evolution:

In early December I gave a teleseminar titled; Fire Up Your Spiritual Evolution: Upgrade Your Human Processing Unit (HPU) and your Human Operating System (HOS). I decided that I would re-do the 30-day program with the participants.  Previously I’ve always focused on the downloading of the program more than focusing on the command. This time I’m really focusing on being centered within my sphere. WOW, what a huge difference it has made. I sent the following to the participants as a way of encouragement.

Remember in the teaching I mentioned some of the beings you tell to vacate laugh. I have almost always felt that laugh, mocking me. I felt it on Wed morning. (Ok I admit I started in the morning and not that night) That Wed night I really stood in the center of my sphere. I felt myself in the fullness of my truth. I allowed that fullness to envelop my whole sphere. Then I made the command. One laughter at me and without thought “I” “lassoed” “him” and hooked him into the Light. He continued to mock me and I INTENDED for him to get smaller and smaller. Finally, when he was the size of a pea, he quit mocking me. I told his friends to leave else they would suffer the same fate. Hundreds if not thousands of energies left. I felt and saw gray and black mist rise up and leave my sphere from every area, low and high, from deep within right to the edge.

Over the next couple days when I made the command more mist rose up. Just a few dozen, then just a few. Then none. My mind is much calmer than ever. I’m much more aware of why  I do something when I do it.

I feel lighter, freer. I Am Empowered. I feel as if I have control of my life. I can either choose or not choose to do something. I am no longer compelled to do something just because it caught my eye. Gee, maybe I was just slightly obsessive/compulsive. OR maybe one of those beings that left was.

I hope you find my experience helpful in doing the whole program with INTENT. If you have any questions, need a little guidance or clarification please contact me. I’ll help in whatever way I can. I just cannot do this for you. Well yes, I can up to a point but that only helps you in the moment. I want you to be empowered.

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