Fire Up Your Spiritual Evolution – part 2

I taught a teleseminar late last year. When I finished with that teleseminar I realized that while I do the practice regularly I had never done it 30 days in a row as I had directed the participants on the teleseminar to do. So I felt that I needed to commit to doing it 30 days without a break. OH! MY! What a huge difference it has made. I finished my 30 days Jan 13, 2017.

I’m sharing what I experienced as previously only shared with participated of the teleseminar call: see blog dated 12.18.16

Taking Control Of My Inner Self (Dec 14-Dec 18)

My mind is much calmer than ever. I’m much more aware of why I do something when I do it. I feel lighter, freer. I Am Empowered. I feel as if I have control of my life. I can either choose or not choose to do something. I am no longer compelled to do something just because it caught my eye. Gee, maybe I was just slightly obsessive/compulsive. OR maybe one of those beings that left was. lol

My Exposed Back. (mid-Dec to Jan 1)

As I started concentration on the strengthening and cleaning of the human matrix sphere I saw that the front part of my sphere is pretty good. It was formed fairly well and most of it seemed to be running some energy.

I have known for years that my weakest part of my energy field has been at the back of my heart. It is where “gunky” energy attaches to me. It where thrown “energy darts” land. It’s where ‘other’ is able to come into my field and usurp my power. I was expecting to see lots of torn or frayed parts of the matrix in that area. I was shocked and in disbelief when I experience the backside of my sphere, while I was in this highly charged aware state,

My back looked like a war zone, as if bombs had discendigrated it. There was no form, no matrix grid no way energy could move along its structure or be held within the sphere itself. It was a huge empty space that should have been a network of interconnected grids moving energy throughout my 5th dimensional light body.

Repair And Reflection (Jan 1 – Jan 13th and a little be longer to figure it out)

This was my biggest problem to date and the most immediate. How can a person function if the energy they are supposed to have dissipates into thin air? Finally I found the cause of all my back problems, my lack of motivation and worse of all my inability to stop giving my power away. So I started to “rebuild” the numerous layers of the energy matrix. It took the remainder of the 30 days to rebuild it and for it to stay in place. By the 30th day of the program I felt like the back of the sphere was holding, as it should.

As I was rebuilding it one of my friends started to be angry with me. I understood her to accused me of:

  1. Trying to keep her from being successful in the metaphysical community,
  2. Ignoring and putting down store clerks and others,
  3. Concerned with my own wellbeing and not of anyone else’s,
  4. Viciously attacking her psychically.

To say the least I was shocked. After reflecting on the past month’s interactions with her I could agree that I do have a tendency to limit my interactions with sales clerks and wait-persons. I am polite but not very friendly. Also, I agree I am very concerned with my own well-being though not to the exclusion of others. But I couldn’t see where she was coming from with the other two items. My friend and I had a conversation. The outcome is I have one fewer friend.

After much reflection on the matter I’ve concluded that unconscious to each of us, or at least to me, she had energetically connected to the rear aspect of my heart and was siphoning off some (a lot?) of my energy. As I closed up that gaping hole, her “free” energy source was drying up. Maybe she felt that as an attack? She wanted me to go back to being the complacent host. I chose not to, therefore we parted ways.

So at the end of the 30 days, had more clarity with my connection to heaven and earth energy. Many hundreds of energetic parasites of all types had left my sphere. My 5th dimensional matrix was intact if not stronger by 100 fold. My light body was functioning. My backbone had started to come alive both literally and figuratively. I had much more energy to move forward in whatever way I was directed.

It didn’t take long. I facilitated a session where I also happened to be an integral part on my clients past life drama. Woo boy! But that’s for the next letter.

Read about that here!

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