Finding The Answer

Our logical, linear, masculine, action oriented,  left-brain will not figure this out. When we figure things out with the analytical left-brain often we are lead by ego.

The receptive, reflective, responsive feminine, right-brain allows things/issues to sort themselves out without conscious effort on our part. Of course one can (and should) study an issue with both sides of the brain.

Many years ago (decades, really) one of my wise mentors taught me how to work with both sides of the brain for greater success in my life. May I share that with you?

Let the left brain figure out what the question is and when the answer is needed. Then just be quiet a moment and say something like this: Brain I know you know the answer; it’s somewhere where you can find it. Please search and find it. Bring me the answer by end of tomorrow (the date and time you need the solution). Then go do something else entirely unrelated to the problem. Forget about it.

You have heard the story of Archimedes, who ran through the streets of Athens, stark naked, shouting Eureka! Eureka! I have found it! He had been given a command by the king to prove the king had been cheated. Archimedes searched his left-brain for days and could not find the answer. He gave up and went to the spa, to relax and forget about his worries.  There when he was not ACTIVELY looking for the answer it came. His receptive, intuitive abilities were on the job, putting together the problem in a non-linear fashion so when he saw water spilling out of the tub when some one entered it he visualized the correct solution to his problem. This was his answer. He realized every element had its own molecular weight. Now he could test purity of the kings golden crown and calculate whether or not the king had been cheated.

Again August Kekule, credits the discovery of the Benzoin ring to a day dream he had where he saw a snake biting its own tail. This was years after he had started to study the chemistry of carbon bonds. Beautiful example of Whole-Brain thinking.

Science is replete with examples from Archimedes, Newton, Kekule, Einstein and current scientist, using their intuitive right-brains in conjunction with their analytical left-brains to solve perplexing problems and those answers have changed and are changing the world.

We can do the same. In our business and personal lives. Set the boundaries of the problem, the solutions and the time the answer is needed. Then forget about it. Go play, meditate, zone out, or sleep. Just quiet the left-brain and allow the right side to present symbolic answers. This will give us more information about the problem.

Then sit in quietly and allow your heart to open into feeling Spirit’s meanings. The Divine Third Way, the perfect answer will present itself with clarity, and simplicity. You will say to your self; OMG that’s it! Its so simple why didn’t I think of that before.  You will move forward with Spirit leading the way.

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