Finding the Divine Meaning of Injuries.

As you know there are no accidents. So what might an injury mean?   Of course it means to watch where you’re going and know where you are in the space time continuum.

However there is a likelihood there are more meanings …. Every part of the body has its own meaning. The right side is about your masculine qualities/energy while the left is about your feminine qualities/energy. Above the heart is about Spirit. Below the heart is about the physical or material world. (Some say the dividing line is the waist but I feel the heart is a more correct division.)

Front is about what you are facing, or going into and/or emotional concerns/attributes, whereas the back is either what you are not facing or will not face, what you are leaving or what is passing out of your life,  and/or what you WILL/will not do /or ACTIONS you are or/are not taking. And so on and so forth throughout the body.

Meditate on where the pain is to help you determine why spirit showed this to you.

My client had hurt her right rib. So I gave her some specifics about body parts…
Left = feminine,
Ribs = support and structure; protection for lungs and heart.
Lungs = breath of life, spirit’s entrance into us and continued support, joy/grief
Heart/circulatory system = love, and/or key to living, vitality — the pulse of life.

I suggested she put it all together in meditation with the following questions:

‘How am I, with spirits help, loving and supporting my feminine essences.

How does Spirit flow though me? How do I circulate the Spirit of Love within myself, and in my external world?

How/where does Spirit support me in my expression of the Goddess energy?

Where/how am I not experiencing any/all of the above?

What do I need to do or to surrender to BE the Breath of Spirit?
What do I need to do or to surrender to BE the Divine Feminine?

And do on.’

These questions were developed for her and her injury but similar questions can be asked to your higher self and or Spirit for any injury.

This should help you find the Divine meaning of your injury or pain.


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