QAA Alignment Protocol


The essence of the Quantum Akashic Alignment is that it is a direct connection to the databanks of all the records of an individual’s past, future, and present lives.  The individual is given unlimited access to their own soul’s lifetimes of records.

The alignment that connects the individual to Heaven and Earth energy and data, is the first step of the Quantum Akashic Alignment™. The QAA™ is a tool for ascension. This tool was specifically designed for light workers, light bearers, and truth seekers to hold more light, to assist in the ascension process of Gaia and those who live upon her. To encourage humans to receive the Quantum Akashic Alignment™ the Spiritual Hierarchy included some benefits for humans, especially for humans interested in Enlightenment, Empowerment, and Ascension. The QAA’s second  use is a tool to integrate the body and all parts of the soul in a cohesive functional unit.  QAA™ was developed in response to a client’s request specifically to hold more light within her body. The protocol was developed over two sessions in early September 2011.

The Quantum Akashic Alignment™ protocol is to:

  • Retrieve hidden, missing, or lost parts of the soul.
  • Access to the wisdom of the soul’s life time. (Past, present, future and parallel dimensional lives.
  • Acquisition of numerous esoteric DNA strands.
  • Deeper stronger connection to the Divine Self,
  • Integration of the Divine Self with the human energetic system.
  • The benefits of the Quantum Akashic Alignment™ protocol are :
  • Feeling and knowing the connection to the Divine
  • The instantaneous ability to reprogram  faulty life programs.
  • The ability to hold more light within the body. And
  • Allows the activation and implementation of DNA in small manageable sets
  • The possibility of activating 144, or more, esoteric strands of DNA.

Even if a human’s intention is ascension, their primary focus is to have an easier life. The results of having Quantum Akashic Alignments™ is an easier life is provided. Their lives run more smoothly. They are more successful in their endeavors. They have less pain in their life. The person’s life becomes easier and less stressful, more joyful and peaceful. The more one’s life improves, the more one chooses to enhance the Quantum Akashic Alignment™  and therefore: the more the Gaia benefits from the Quantum Akashic Alignment’s™. The result on the cosmic level is that Gaia has received assistance in her ascension!

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