Energy Distortions

Being Stuck

Energy distortions are anomalies in the energy system. In the human energy system or subtle energy body  distortions are often caused by stuck emotions. Stuck emotions often act like a magnet attracting more struck emotions. If left in the subtle energy body they can become more and more dense until they may physically manifest into physical dis-ease.

A newly formed distortions is like a cloud, translucent, fluffy, and usually not ominous. The longer a distortion has been in the field the more dense it appears. After the fluffy cloud it because a sticky cloud moving in to a mucous texture and then morphing into dark clouds. At this point physical symptoms may start to appear; something small and not too worry some like a intermittent rash, Candida, or an allergy symptom. If the root cause is not eradicated the distortion will because more pronounced; an ulcer, fibroids, asthma on the physical level and on the energetic level  tarry goop, lava rocks and tears in the energetic blue print and ultimately disintegration of the energetic pattern.

By the time the distortion has become a energetic brea tar pit major physical symptoms are most likely occurring; Cancer, heart disease, mental dementia.

Living in the present, acknowledging emotions as they happen help reduce the occurrence of energetic distortions. Letting go or releasing stuck emotions helps remove emotional clouds, and mucous. Lightwork is a easy way to reduce distortions and repair the the damage done by long term distortions

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