Energy Chelation

What is It?

Heavy metals are toxic to the human body. Chelation has been a tried and true method in removing them from the body. The toxins must be removed before the body can benefit from any health promoting actions.

Stuck emotions are very similar to heavy metals in that they too are toxic to the body, mind and spirit. Healthy emotions are energy in motion. However when emotions are stuck, not acknowledged, stuffed and ignored they become like heavy metals and are toxic to the human system.  They need to be removed before health-promoting actions can produce beneficial results. Just like chelation removes heavy metals from the body, energy chelation is a method which removes sticky, heavy dark energy from the human energy field.

Energy chelation is a very simple process where positive light is guided into the human energy field in a precise manner. The recipient lays on a massage table fully clothed without shoes on. The Light worker send the light up through the soles of the feet. The light travels through the human energy field via the central power cord to the crown chakra. The energy chelation leaves the whole energy field, or subtle energy body ready to receive transformation light work. At the end of the chelation, the recipient  usually reports feeling extremely relaxed, stress free and able to handle their life with ease and elegance.

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