Does Evil Exist?

A client asked me what I thought about a fellow light worker’s blog – a lovely meditation; invoking angels, ascend masters, totems, etc. to protect us.  The meditation continued; encouraging all light workers to stand in their power at all times and all places.  This meditation seemed to present a slight contradiction of needing protection and being powerful.

As a commentary on that contradiction I chose to look on the aspect of needing protection from evil or does evil exist.  It seems whenever light workers meet they are discussing the need, or not, for energetic protection from negative energies/evil.  It seems everyone has his or her own thoughts. Here are some of the most prevailing metaphysical ones:

  • As light/energy workers we are extremely sensitive to energies. We must be in constant vigilance against negative and/or evil energies, thoughts and actions.  We must always call upon the higher realms and beings to protect ourselves from these overwhelming energies of evil. If we don’t then we can and will be harmed. (We must pray to or invoke angels, God, ascend masters, etc. for protection.) ‘God is out side of you and you must appease Him’  most organized religions.
  • Everything in this life was set up to teach us our lessons so that we can evolve. Some of these lessons are played out in negative terms (alcohol / drug addictions etc.) Others lessons appear to be happy lessons such as a wonderful peaceful life or few financial or emotional concerns. In the pre-existence, before we incarnated in this life, we sat with our council and determined which lesson we needed to learn and what part we would play and what part others would play. “All the world is a stage… And every man his part”  “As You Like It … Merchant of Venice; Shakespeare.
  • Everything is an illusion. Nothing is real. We are in a dream, mostly what we dream are fearful nightmares where we attack others or others attack us. You are the cause of your world and everything you experience in it.  “Row, row, row, your boat life is but a dream” children’s song. ‘Wake up realize you are the Oneness’A Course in Miracles.
  • There is no need for protection because everything is of the Light. God created only Love and Light.  If you perceive negative energies it is because you have forgotten you truly are the light and are seeing an area you can reclaim by acknowledging the light, love, and the truth. ‘Namaste’ the Divine within me bows to the divine with in you – Hindi and high woo-woo lol.
  • You are a part of the mind of God (Creator, Source, etc.) As part of the mind of God you have access to all of God. You are the great ‘I AM that I AM.’ Therefore you are more powerful and creative than any emotion, situation or thought. You DO NOT need protection.  ‘I AM That I AM’  You/Me the Creator.

All these thought and beliefs are held in my mind simultaneously. Which one I express depends on where I am emotional and spiritually in any given moment. Before each healing I facilitate, I say a pray reaffirming I AM connected to the GREAT I AM.  I also ask the angels, gods, ascend masters, beings of 100 % light, etc. of my client and my self be in attendance at the healing. Not so much for protection but more for assistance for the “human” selves to accept the holiness  of the healing.

Currently I my prayer for myself is: “I reaffirm I AM the Light and Love of Creation.”  At this point in my evolution I strive to remember I AM the I AM T; I have created all that is within my universe. If something is scary and appears to be evil I need to see it as it truly is. – ‘I see YOU’ Avatar the movie.

What I have found is most scary things are scared because they are lost, and/or cornered. Their manifestor (myself) has created the being or thought form which then morphed into an energy with an intelligence of it’s own; the scary monster. It was formed of fear, then abandon by its creator and is now lost; that’s enough to make anyone/anything really really angry and crazy mad. Thus this thought form only knows how to act mean, mad and scary.  It then scares its creator (myself or my client) who reacts with fear which the ‘monster’ feeds on.  ‘All we have to fear is fear itself’ Sir Winston Churchill. Or ‘And the circle is unbroken’. Johnny Cash.

If I can lay aside my ego and be in my Beingness of being the Creator, then I can see the scary thing as it truly is; embrace it, thank it for the lessons it has shared with its creator (the client who is the Creator with me) and assist the client (or myself) to dismantle the ‘scary monster’. Thereby empowering the client. Thus bring more light into the situation and the world. It also helps remove illusions from the world, awaken the sleeper from the nightmare that almost everyone is living. Thank you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Ho’oponopono.

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