Claim Your Brilliance Program Description

Most of the time radical transformation is like a rose blossoming. Slowly the bud emerges from the hard green pimple on the stem. Then it enlarges into a colorful bud as it begins to flow into its truth of what it is. And slowly each exquisite velvet soft petal gently opens to the fullness as it unfolds into the abundance beauty of sight and the smell of a ROSE.

Put yourself in the meditations and dreams I share in Come Home To Your Self and my Blogs. Feel the time it took to unfurl the transformation. Within those transformations, there are many petals that had to open and reveal their beauty. Transformation, especially radical transformation is a process that calls for gentle persistence. It calls for compassion for yourself and other. It calls for time to unfold and allowing that which wishes to reveal itself to do so in its own way and in its own time. But it also calls for accompanying guidance, a firm hand within a velvet glove. Sometimes when left to our own ideas we want to skip over some of the muck and mire that has so fertilized the rose that we are blossoming into. What will you be, how will you be and WHO will you be when you Fully Bloom, Shine and access all of your creative Brilliance?

Here’s a look of what you will experience if you decide to work with me in Claim Your Brilliance mentoring program.

You’ll learn:

  • Personal Development tools and techniques and tools that work.
  • Connect to and use your intuition, instincts, and psychic abilities in daily life to d  let your Creative Brilliance Shine
  • Access the blocked, hidden, shamed, parts of yourself (your shadows)
    • Unlock your true self that is protected by your shadows
    • See your shadows as your gifts
    • Access and employ your gifts, in all realm
  • Be empowered
    • Bring your unconscious pulsative-intentions (PI) into awareness
    • Acknowledge them and their power/strength
    • Negotiate with the PIs to convert them into supporting PI
  • Connect to your 3D physical body
    • Revitalize it with PIs,
    • Have it serves you as it did 20 years ago
    • Learn how to use the body as the communication interface between the seen and unseen worlds.

Format of the Claim Your Brilliance Mentoring Program

  •  Group meditative calls – (you work on yourself only)
    • Where we cut through your “logical left brain”
    • Twice monthly – one subject; two topics
  • Group Q&A calls, Support emails (you work on yourself only)
    • One call a month
    • About 2- 4 hours until most questions have been answered.
    • Bi-weekly support group emails that respond to the most common issues of the month.
    • Reasonable amount of individual emails
  • Master Mind – Interactive
    • One intensive a month about 4-6 hours
      • 1.5 – 2 hours intensive (you work on yourself only)
      • 2 – 4 hours Master Mind – the group works with the concepts of the intensive and comes up with how to incorporate these in their lives; individually and collectively.
    • Private Facebook group
  •  Private one on one session with SaSu per month
    • One 50-70 minute session per month.
    • As an in person, on Skype or on a phone call.
    • Dictated by your guides, higher self — channel, Q&A, instruction or energy healing
  • Celebration Retreat (TBA- details being confirmed)
    • Late spring 20184 days and 3 nights Thursday evening through and Sunday afternoon. (Subject to change)
    • Mini workshops throughout
    • Journey (Channeled/guided vision) under the Mystical Nighttime Sky
    • Connecting to our Creative/Feminine selves —
      • Physical expression (ecstatic dance, yoga, qigong etc.)
      • Musical celebration (vocal, chanting, drumming etc.)
      • Artistic productions (draw, paint, sculpt, collage, write – plays prose poetry drama etc.)
    • Sharing of Your Brilliance – you get to share what is most special/important thing you’ve learned, experiences, achieved or received from being in the program.
    • Good, tasty, healthy snacks and some meals included.
    • Afternoons off to reflect, shop, sightsee, or whatever.

This program is NOT for you if
You want to stay stuck.
You are intent with working on others instead of going deep within yourself.
You insist someone else ‘fix’ you or tell you what to do. (Don’t we all want someone to wave a magic wand!)
Refuse to take an honest baseline appraisal of your life; where you are and what you want instead.
Refuse to let go of your story and the words that keep it in place.
Refuse to dive deep into your psyche, your wounds, and your shadows.
Refuse to take Responsibility for your life and all that you have manifested within it.

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