Cinderella’s step sisters only cut off a toe,

This morning I woke up feeling very anxious and nervous. My stomach was in a knot. 
This is how my body tells me I’m about to make a big breakthrough. I literally was pacing the floor because I was so anxious I couldn’t sit still. I couldn’t concentrate.

I could see:

I was standing at the Abyss, but I wanted to crawl back to “safety” and hide. I wanted to keep telling myself my same sad “woeful story” about how it’s ok for me to stay small and invisible, that I am not destined to be great, nor to be on the world stage.

I wanted to Soar but I forgot where my powers were! 
More truthfully I was, I am, afraid to be seen.

I faced my true fears with a little help, and the aha moment appeared.

I claimed MY BRILLIANCE. I owned it.

My intellect and determination have helped me achieve success in the design, construction and business realms. I fed my Soul by mastering and becoming a Master Metaphysician. I have been able to create miracles in numerous peoples’ lives by “curing incurable diseases, resolving long-standing pain into relief and transforming emotional chaos into self-esteem, self-realization, and power.”

I have been helping people achieve their goals and dreams for over 30 years. But I always held back because of fear, specifically my fear of being seen. I kept myself small and invisible.

BUT the paradox is that I desperately wanted to be seen. Living small was totally frustrating for me. My fears kept me from truly being my full Authentic Self. Fear kept me from standing at center stage, from the world stage. Fear kept me from claiming my birthright as an oracle and bringing all of my channeling, seer skills and psychic abilities to the table.

Cinderella’s step sisters only cut off a toe, I was cutting off parts of my soul. Today I claim ALL OF ME. Acceptable, Unacceptable (to others), and Weird. Today I claim I AM the Achiever’s Oracle, I AM the Visionary Leader.

All around me I see many people living their lives in quiet desperation because they want to be seen, acknowledge and validated for their achievements, their hard work, their wonderful relationships, their talents and their brilliance.

Yet I see these same people accept only a “part” of themselves. The part that a parent, teacher or someone said was good, acceptable and worthy. They hide, just like I did, and cut off parts of themselves that they, or other people, told them was bad, wrong, stupid and not good enough to show. They claim their socially acceptable brilliance but they are wasting away, dying within and never claiming their truth. They never shine. Your brilliance, your truth will make you visible and will empower you. And you will Shine.

As you remove your cloak of invisibility and become visible, I’m here to support you to Be Your Brilliant Self, to Shine, and to Command Attention.

I am a Master at channeling, mentoring, energy work, and visionary leadership. I am calling forth my tribe, my community. Are you an individualistic self-reliant maverick who has forgotten who you are? You are an autonomous free spirit and I see you! I see you hiding behind your pride: your title, your position, your achievements, behind your faintheartedness: your fears, your hurts and/or despair. I see you trying to hide in the mediocrity dictated by the thought police.

You almost pull it off yet there is a glimmer of you that you can’t hide. You have the mettle to achieve greatness and the courage to live as a self-defining self-governing Human Being. But you’ve been in hiding so long you’ve forgotten who you truly are. You need just a little help removing the shrouds of forgetfulness that keep you hidden in conformity and obscurity.

I invite few bold and gutsy individualists, a chance to drop those shrouds. Stop cutting off your Soul. With a little help, you too will receive your aha moment and Re-Claim Your Self, Re-claim Your Power, Re-Claim Your Brilliance!

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