Apex Of Time

Events are being set up, we would say by yourselves, and no matter how the media portrays them you can view them as exciting or frightening. You may feel either dread or happy anticipation.

The truth is YOU chose, or were chosen and you accepted To BE HERE NOW.

WHY? You wanted to be here either to watch, which I doubt, or to assist in the move over the APEX OF TIME.

Deep within you, you know that to move through and accomplish a huge goal such as this will require a lot of energy. Think of rolling a boulder uphill, like the Greek hero Sisyphus. It will take the whole collective conscious (or collective unconscious) to move the boulder of time into timelessness. Yes, we know that most of the consciousness of the world does not consider this a possibility. All the angst, the entire trauma resulting from the combative verbal assaults being hurled from one side to the other, is all about the dilemma of what is the best way to accomplish the move of time into timelessness.

We could say some are to push and some are to pull. At times those that push may be pushing too hard for those who are pulling, and visa verse. We see these actions as the carrot and stick approach. The carrot motivates some people, others are motivated by the stick. We would that you would realize which you are motivated by and see how that compels you in this struggle to move the boulder of time over the apex. Do not get caught up over the facts or non-facts floating across the airwaves. Do not get caught in who is right or wrong. Know that ALL is working towards the moving of Time Over the Apex.

Know that there is a groundswell of karma that must be released before the Apex of Time is reached. It is the releasing of karma that is appearing to be so hard for most humans. Just know; this moment of time is extremely painful to most, as cherished ideals are ridiculed, attacked and or destroyed. You have attached your karma to these cherished ideals.

Most humans are very, very, attached to their karma and do not want to let It go. Remember in the time of great change nothing remains the same. Either your perception of the ideal changes, the ideal itself changes or you must leave the body to come back and resolve it at a different time.

You are in the body, incarnated, in the flesh now to move your ideals and your karma NOW.
How do you hang your karma on your ideals?
Are you willing to die for your ideals? Why or why not?
If you do or don’t how will that assist your ideals, your karma, your spiritual evolution?
What is the truth of why you came to be here now?
What is it that you are here to do?
What is it that only you can do?
How can YOU help move the boulder of time over the Apex?AP{EX of Time

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