Allowing Resistance To Move Into Self Awareness And Personal Power (part 1)

About Jan 23 I facilitated a session where I happened to be an integral part of my client’s past life drama. In that “past life” drama I was a low ranking advisor to a youngish Queen Elizabeth I. I think ‘advisor’ is a polite word. My function was what I assume a modern intelligence officer would be. I basically knew where everyone in the court stood politically. I was not swayed by emotions. I gauged my actions by what I believed my duty was. My duty was to keep the crown (Elizabeth and her government) safe.

The past life vision played out as a day in the court. I am mingling with the numerous courtesans. I am very much aware that a young woman was trying to connect with me. I knew this and kept maneuvering around so she could not interact with me. She gave up and left. At that moment I motioned to one of my spies to do away with her. It was done. No remorse, or regrets. I had saved the life of Queen E 1. I had done my duty.

Every once in a while when a past life is viewed it seems to activate the aspect of the stronger character. This advisor started showing up in my readings, meditations, and dreams (Jan 23 – Feb 20). At first, I thought he’s showing me how to make decisions for my stated goals in an unemotional way. Then I realized he was ruthless, not just unemotional. Half-heartedly I asked him to leave. He remained because I had a liking for him. In this lifetime I have made most of my decisions on how they will affect others. He was the total opposite. I was intrigued how anyone could be that way. He hung around.

I did some inner work (Feb 1) where I saw my energetic body was functioning pretty well except for my right hip and thigh. As I delved into this area of my etheric body I realized this was not so. I actually had basalt, solid lava rock column blocking my 1st to 5th chakras from their proper function. Is it any wonder that I kept asking myself what the purpose of life? Do I want to remain on the planet? I was totally disengaged from the neck down. This could also help explain my unexplainable severe illness from Nov to early March.

I realized that this basalt column at my core was not helping me get well. So I focused on removing this block. During my meditations, and self-healing sessions I would explore this rock. I was trying to find some way to remove it. It was solid and was not going to go away.

In the last week of January, a python showed up in a healing I facilitated, where It laid on top of the client and pushed out a lot of chaotic energy that client had. I didn’t think twice about it. Thinking it was the client’s animal totem.

Somewhere in early Feb, I had a dream where I had seen a very large python eating a gazelle. It was eating the gazelle the wrong way and I woke thinking the gazelle’s antlers were going to rip the python into pieces as it was being swallowed. Later I thought Hum; maybe the gazelle’s antlers represented a connection to the akasha? Or maybe it could be the snake was showing me how I have allowed my masculine to kill my feminine?

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