A hands on healing session

Thank you for extending your trust and your wellness to me.
You appointment for an Inner Dimensional Healing  is at 2720 Bee Caves Rd,  78746. This office building is on the north side of the street about 3/4 miles west of Mo-Pac, basically across the street from the Collective Homes furniture and decor store.
When you get in the parking lot call me; 512 827 7244, and I’ll meet you in the small waiting room just inside the main doors. The receptionist there is not associated with the Massage Co-op and won’t know who I am.
Your initial session will be about 2 hrs long: 15 minutes ‘pre-talk’, about 75 – 90 minutes “hands on healing”, and 15 to 30 minutes ‘post talk’.  If you are working on a chronic/ deep seated issue and have a session every other week or once a month your sessions will be about 90 – 105 minutes long.  Most of your other sessions will be closer to 90 minutes, especially if you’re on a bi-monthly maintenance schedule.
PRE-TALK: Even though we have talked a little bit about your desired/intended outcome; we will go over that again in the pre-talk, as sometimes other things will pop up and seem important to share. The more clear about what your desired outcome, the more focused I am in working on those issues. It will take me less time to find the root cause of your issues.  This helps get you to your over all desired outcome in less sessions. If you want me to look at whats causing you pain/discomfort in a body part you need to tell me to look at that body part. Again the more you can clarify your needs and desired outcome the more focused the work becomes, the more your desired outcome manifest.
HAND ON HEALING: In the hands on healing work, you are laying down fully clothed but without your shoes on.  My hands do touch you, on major joints and the major charkas. I do find most client prefer the sense of connectiveness the “hands on” positions facilitates. However if you prefer a “hands OFF” healing please let me know before we start the session. For your comfort and peace of mind the 1st and 5th chakra positions are done in a hands off position.
The initial 15-20 minutes (8-10 minutes in follow up sessions) of the hands on healing is a chakra balancing and aura clearing process. This prepares you for deeper inner work. We then go to work on the issue you came to see me for. I say we because while you are laying there and appear to be in deep relaxation, your higher self is directing me how and where the issues actually resides. My guides assist me in using the most appropriate techniques to produce the most benevolent outcome in the shortest amount of time. The last 5-10 minutes of the hands on is an energetic boost to help you on your spiritual evolutionary path.
POST-TALK: When you are ready we start off the ‘post talk’ with what you have perceived/experienced. Most everyone feels very relaxed and some people say they didn’t feel anything cause they were so relaxed they went to sleep. Thats ok. Because its your experience and whatever you experience it what is right for you. I give you the opportunity to share because some people see, feel, hear things or they have random thoughts that they remember and they just want to share. Thats ok too.  Then I share what I perceive to be the most important parts of the healing.
Many of my clients like to bring a recording device (smart phone app/recorder) so they can record the ‘post talk’. Often I give homework or some details that you might want to recall later. I’m pretty much in an alternate state of consciousness and by the time you get to your car I will not recall what I said to you. (I use to record the post talk, but  I have found I am unable to get the recording to you. Hence I suggest you bring your own recorder.)
Again thank you for letting me assist you in healing your body, mind, and spirit.
PS. Namaste  basically means ‘I bow to the Divine within you’. And I close the ‘hands on healing’ part of the session with this word.

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