Can’t find your passion?
Sit sill for a moment and allow your Higher Wiser Self to talk to you.
Listen deeply.
Integrate what you receive.
Do this for 10 days for 10 minutes. Let me know the outcome.

Yesterday I was working with a client who is frustrated because everything she’s tried to do to create a sustainable income has resulted in, as Thomas A Edison stated; “100,000 things that don’t work” for her. I put that spin on it because she was so down on her self I don’t want to repeat her language. Why don’t things work for her? With all due respect, she is one of the hardest working people I know. She works 10+ hours a day. At various times, in the 7 – 8 years I’ve known her, she almost always has had a full time and a part-time job. Sometimes she had 2 or even 3 part times jobs in addition to her full-time job.

We had a serious heart to heart to get to the root of her ‘not getting ahead.’ I used some “tough love”. She is so full of fear about too many things to mention but the biggest is that she fears not having enough money to live on. Her fear keeps her locked into the vicious circle of poverty, and struggle. She is locked into working 10 – 15 hours a day at minimal paying jobs. In her mind, because she works so hard, she deserves some creature comforts. So she spends above her income to give her temporary reprieve from her struggles. All the while she is digging a pit where she is slowly losing ground and if she doesn’t stop will find herself in chains within debtor prison.

My tough love was to tell her:

  • To start economizing. She rationalized (ration-all-lies) an excuse.
  • To get out of debt. She ration-all-lies an excuse.
  • To quit chasing the money. She ration-all-lies an excuse.
  • To stop doing the familiar and do the unfamiliar. She ration-all-lies an excuse.
  • To live from her passion. She ration-all-lies that she didn’t know what her passion was.

There is the old adage “do what you love and the money will follow”. I don’t believe its that simple. Maybe money will come and maybe not. What I do know is that when you follow your passion you start to come in alignment with the Truth Of Who You Are. When you are standing in Your Truth a lot of things that use to cause you angst just don’t anymore.  We concluded our session with the idea that if she would/could stop for a few minutes a day and be still. If she would/could, in those few minutes, allow her Higher Wiser self to talk with her, and if she would/could absorb and integrate what she receives about her passion and purpose, she could start moving towards a more sustainable future.

This is the year for you to achieve your dreams,


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