Come Home to Your Self:

If you hunger with an unknown emptiness. If you’re feeling numb, blasé, bored, burnt out on current spiritual teaching. If you are saying “There has to be more to life than this.”  If you are sitting in groups and not feeling connected to the other people in the group.Then a Come Home To Your Self session will help.

Does your Essence feel shrunken, starved, ignored by habits, thoughts, actions and the contrived social norms? When did you accept the social norms as having a right to dictate your life? Once you disdained them. They were not meant for you: a wild child, a strong willed child, a free spirit, and an individualist. How did they come to define you?

Often we know what we intend our lives be or what to do with our lives. You have intended to move towards the person you want to be and to achieve the things you want. Yet something keeps you from achieving that which you truly deeply desire. The primitive brain’s primary job is to keep your body safe. It creates pulsative intentions (henceforth PI) to keep you safe or from doing things it deems unsafe.

These PIs reside within the Hara realm, which is below or within, the subtle energy field of your physical body. The PIs run the subconscious and the unconscious mind. They are before thought and beliefs. They are hidden and THEY RUN YOUR LIFE. Your PIs are an integral part of you. When you haven’t been able to move past a point no matter what you do, a hidden pulsative-intention is most likely the case.

PIs seem to have a life apart from you. They are your default operating system. They run in the background of your life. They are the basis from which your beliefs are built. Your beliefs create your thoughts and your thoughts direct your actions.  So the fundamental component of living your life is directed by your hara realm’s pulsative intentions.

PIs are not rational or logical. They are not like beliefs or thoughts that can be changed. PIs demand that they are acknowledged. Until a PI is acknowledged it runs and often ruins your life.

In your Come Home To MYSELF Strategy Session, we will acknowledge one limiting pulsative-intention inviting it to transform into a supporting PI.


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